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Put your entire online presence into a centralized searchable database so venues can find and book you. Get access to any industry tool or resource you need to grow your fanbase, produce new tracks, collaborate with industry pros, and plan tours. Get an answer to every question, and solve every problem you face as you build your career as an independent musician.

What is MVRK Music?

We’re not a label

A free platform built to provide label-level services, resources and knowledge to independent musicians so they can solve their own problems and build a profitable, fulfilling career in the music industry without allowing a label to monetize their success. While there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing portions of your music project’s work by signing to a label, it’s expensive because the label is then entitled to large portions of your future income because it risks its own time, money and reputation without any guarantee of seeing a return. We feel musicians should have a shot at independent success so they can maintain control of their art and retain all the rewards that come from it. It’s for hardworking, talented independent artists, plain and simple.

Rawtune – MVRK Music User

Maverick (adj): an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party.

What We Aim To Do

Help new artists get started and experienced artists solve more advanced challenges on their own

Meet The Team

Tim Coon

  • Founder & CEO
  • Lives in Austin, TX
  • Former manager of Rawtune, a reggae band from Fort Collins, CO.
  • Singer/Songwriter

Strider White

  • Founder & CTO
  • Lives in Edmonton, Alberta, CA
  • Music Producer (Mixing/Mastering Engineer)
  • Computer Nerd

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